Container Hire

TYPES OF CONTAINERS (Off-Site and On-Site Storage)

We rent both new and second hand units throughout Brisbane , South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales . We do have associates Australia wide if you are looking for rental units throughout Queensland and Australia.


Types of Units Common Term
20’ 8’6” New Blue Unit with locking unit 20’ NEW with lockbox

Predominantly, we supply New Blue units for rentals and these are generally stored off site i.e. on your premises. We can however store these on-site for your convenience - short or long term. Please ask us about our competitive rates.


Types of Units Common Term
40’ 8’6” General Purpose Unit 40’ GP
20’ 8’6” Refrigerated Unit 20’ REEFER
40’ 8’6” Refrigerated Unit 40’ REEFER
20’ 8’6” Insulated Unit 20’ NOR
40’ 8’6” Insulated Unit 40’ NOR

For rental purposes, all second hand containers sent out are of no less than B Grade standard. This means they are general purpose units suitable for household goods. We endeavour to send out the highest quality unit available i.e. preferably A Grade units.

These units, outlined above, are most commonly used for rental purposes. We do have other units that are available for hire. Please feel free to ask us.

RENT AND STORE (Rental Units Stored on Site)

For the convenience of our customers who are unable to store units on their premises, we can hire you a container and store it on site for you. We can supply unit to your premises for you to pack and return it to our yard for storage. This should reduce the trips with trailers and cars stacked high with goods. Please call us for competitive rates today.

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